As one of the earliest telephone companies in Texas, BTEL represents a significant portion of not only the history of the independent telephone industry, but also the history of the state.

Located within the “Cradle of Texas”, the company was purchased by Charles “Mr. Charley” Hendrix and his wife Beulah “Boo” in 1946. Boo began her career in the telephone industry as an operator in Atlanta, Texas, when she was 17-years-old. Boo served in many capacities throughout her years with BTEL, including as the chairman of the board until her passing in 2003 at the age of 96.

By the time of his death in 1981, “Mr. Charley” had been in the industry for a total of 61 years. For 32 of those years he served as a director of the Texas Telephone Association. Mr. Charley was inducted into the Texas Independent Pioneer Association Hall of Fame in 1985. The company remains in the family today.

John H. Greenberg, grandson of Charles and Beulah, served as president from 1983-2013. He worked to continue the legacy of his grandparents. During his tenure, John led the company through the conversion from analog to digital telephone service, through major outside plant upgrades including utilizing fiber optic technologies, through the many regulatory changes and into the Internet age.

John passed day-to-day leadership of BTEL to his son, Charlie Greenberg, who became president in August 2013. John remains active with the company, serving as chairman.

As BTEL continually improves and expands its services now and in the future, rest assured that the customer and the service and assistance that we provide for them, are now, and always will be our primary focus.