Waverly Hall, Georgia—April 20, 2016—Waverly Hall Telephone announced that it has changed
its name to WavCom. The new name reflects a broadening of advanced communications services
offered by the company.

Founded in 1944, the organization has grown and adapted to address the changing needs of its
customers. Beyond the variety of local and long distance telephone options with advanced and
custom calling services, WavCom offers a variety of other services including the highest speed
and most reliable internet packages.

“We are excited to begin this new chapter for WavCom,” said David Shipley, General Manager.
“With the recent network upgrades and the launch of our Fiber-to-the-Home project, we are able
to offer additional next-generation broadband services and applications. We recognize that highspeed
internet opens doors to the world for our neighbors and building a robust and versatile
network is crucial to the communities we serve. Recently we have added a 25 Mbps package and
look forward to offering additional speed options and bundles.”

The new WavCom identity, including a new logo and website, will launch on May 7, 2016.